Terms and Conditions



Upon receipt of 50% of total fee, the ARTIST/HOT MUG DESIGN will send the CLIENT up to 3 concepts for his/her appreciation.

Upon receipt of the remaining 50%, the ARTIST/HOT MUG DESIGN will release the final cover design.

Payment will be made through Paypal or bank account deposit.



All material provided by the CLIENT will only be used by the ARTIST/HOT MUG DESIGN for the purposes of the project and will not be shared with any third party, unless otherwise requested by the CLIENT.



Upon receipt of full payment, the ARTIST/HOT MUG DESIGN grants the CLIENT exclusive licence to use cover design for all promotional material of his/her book, and waives the rights to all royalties associated with the book.

The ARTIST/HOT MUG DESIGN retains the right to display CLIENT’s name, book title and book cover on HOT MUG DESIGN’s portfolio, website and all other promotional material.

Except for size formatting, any alteration on final cover design will be submitted by the CLIENT to the ARTIST/HOT MUG DESIGN, who may require additional payment for the extra work.

The ARTIST/HOT MUG DESIGN retains all rights to preliminary concepts and unused drafts, including those incorporated in the final cover design.

The CLIENT must ensure that all material provided to the ARTIST/HOT MUG DESIGN for use on cover design does not violate the copyright/trademark of any other entity.

The CLIENT is solely liable for any and all libel or copyright and/or permissions infringement action resulting from material provided for cover design.



The CLIENT agrees to display, along with the credits for book cover design, a hyperlink for the ARTIST’s own website on back cover and/or copyright page of book (ebook and printed versions), as well as on the CLIENT’s website and all other promotional material making use of cover design.

The credits will be displayed as follows:

Cover design by *Artist’s Name* / Hot Mug Design



The ARTIST/HOT MUG DESIGN is not liable for any incidental, indirect, consequential, punitive or exemplary damages of any kind in any way related to the services provided.



This agreement may be cancelled by both the CLIENT or the ARTIST/HOT MUG DESIGN at any point, as long as a written notice is provided to the other party.

Should the CLIENT cancel or stop the book design work once it has started, he/she agrees to forfeit the 50% deposit.

Cancellation is not possible once full payment has been made and the final cover design has been sent to the CLIENT, as this agreement is then considered terminated.

The ARTIST/HOT MUG DESIGN retains all rights to mockups and drafts sent to the CLIENT.



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